Srey Mao's Micro-project

Srey Maoさんのミシンプロジェクト

彼女は今まで生きてきた中で、栄養失調を理由にした死を沢山見てきました。それから、Siem Reapというスラム街に住む子供達が通う学校の給食シェフになりました。彼女の作る料理は栄養がいっぱいで、新鮮な材料を使うようにしています。Sreyは、自分の人生を生きていくだけでも大変なのに、何よりも子供達に美味しい給食を作り、栄養のあるものを提供することに喜びを感じています。


ーSrey Maoさんのバックストーリー



彼女は今まで生きてきた中で、栄養失調を理由にした死を沢山見てきました。それから、Siem Reapというスラム街に住む子供達が通う学校の給食シェフになりました。彼女の作る料理は栄養がいっぱいで、新鮮な材料を使うようにしています。Sreyは、自分の人生を生きていくだけでも大変なのに、何よりも子供達に美味しい給食を作り、栄養のあるものを提供することに喜びを感じています。





Srey Mao's project

The daily meals Srey Mao cooks are made with fresh local ingredients which provide the essential nutrients the children lack from their diet at home. Srey Mao has fought many obstacles in her life but remains committed to serving the children at the school. She continues to upgrade her skills, and loves her job as a cook.


Srey Mao's story

Srey Mao was born into a rural family of 11, during the reign of the Khmer Rouge where the genocide led by dictator Pol Pot killed around 25% of the total Cambodian population. As a young child Srey Mao watched 3 brothers and 1 sister die of starvation and sickStarvation and malnourishment are still acute issues. Many adults struggle to earn a basic wage to provide for their families, and face a constant battle to find enough money for basic meals. As many as a third of all Cambodian children die from chronic malnourishment so it is vital that children have access to the nutrients and vitamins they need to avoid micronutrient deficiency.Srey Mao’s 4 remaining siblings married and started their own families, but Srey Mao never married as she felt it her responsibility to work hard and help raise and support her younger siblings after her parents died.


Srey Mao strongly believes that nutrition is the key to health and prosperity and found work as a chef at a children's shelter. She worked her way up to becoming head chef at a school for underprivileged children, which provides free education and nutritious meals to children living in the urban slums of Siem Reap.


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