Eve's Project



Eva's Story

Eve’s vision is to enable the millions of underprivileged women in Bangladesh, including the Rohingyas, to live healthy and socially empowered lives.

Like many Bangladeshis, Eve grew up surrounded by poverty with few opportunities for formal, stable work. Her parents sacrificed a lot to send Eve to school and she managed to not only get educated, but obtain a prestigious Master’s degree in the US.
As a student Eve volunteered in the slums of Dhaka, and through this experience she came to realise that she didn’t want to work only for herself, but for the most vulnerable people of Bangladesh.Devoting herself to social causes didn’t come easily though. Eve’s parents expected her to have a successful career in the private sector contributing financially to the family home, and they weren't happy for her to work in dangerous areas around Bangladesh.
But Eve persisted, and with a couple of friends, she started working with a small group of former child brides, empowering them to be self-sufficient through skills and employment training. Since then, Eve hasn’t looked back. She has now established 3 schools and 5 skills centres across Bangladesh, supporting more than 200,000 people.
More recently, Eve and her team have been pioneers in providing emergency relief to the Rohingya refugees who fled genocide in the Rakhine State in Myanmar and sought sanctuary in Bangladesh. They established a model village inside a refugee camp equipped with 472 shelters, clean water filters and 2 learning centres for children. They also provide food and medical aid and ensure the women have adequate security and support.